So you’re on the train - or more likely waiting for a late train. You’ve got two options; staring at the billboard or use your phone for fun and games. If it’s the latter then Com2uS hopes that a serving up some Andre Agassi and tennis will fill the void.

Andre Agassi Com2uS Tennis is a competent tennis game offering smashes, lobs, swerves and all the other techniques found in tennis. Gameplay, depending on the phone you use, varies from good to nigh-on impossible and graphics are almost Game Boy Advanced standard.

Players can chose singles or doubles, clay or hard court surfaces as you rally through a championship tournament across the globe and whatever the option we found it to be great fun.

Price when reviewed:

Andre Agassi Com2uS Tennis costs the standard £5,and certainly offers a break from the journey, however a couple of words of wisdom, make sure you are comfortable with your phone as we found Agassi requires the dexterity of a concert pianist.