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(Pocket-lint) - Does Moto GP 2 on the Xbox grow the motorcycle-racing genre to new levels or it is just a clone of the now rather old PC version? We put on our crash helmet and give the game a spin. Bike racing in computer games is the equivalent of bike racing in real life. It's great fun but you don't have much choice in what you watch or play. The Moto GP series is one such series that is carrying the flag for motorbike racing fans.

And carry it, it should, for the game offers everything that the motorcycle fan could want. Quick race, Career, Stunt and Time Trials are all there to challenge you and the Career Mode features practice and qualifying events before the full race. Everything is customisable and as realistic as possible and the port to the Xbox has been inkeeping with the PC version.

Stunt mode as the name suggests involves wheelies and the like and you are awarded points for not only putting in a good lap, but also how many stunts you can pull at the same time.

THQ hasn't really done much to the graphics on this one compared to the PC version however the blurring effect as you get faster certainly gives you a sense of speed. While online players will be pleased to see that this game does support connect to the Xbox Live Service.

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To recap

This time Xbox Moto GP 2’s the same game getting a straight port- pay for console convenience or just stick to the PC.

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