The five year wait is finally over, and building on the hugely popular and extensive Baldur's Gate series, Bioware has developed what it believes is the ultimate gaming experience; Neverwinter Nights.

As with all RPG's the emphasis is on a single player game design where you battle it out against the hordes of evil, solving puzzles as you go and talking to a merry band of loyal peers.

Neverwinter Nights however, takes this one step further and expands the multiplayer options. Utilizing the true Dungeons & Dragons role-playing 3rd Edition rule set the game it is as close as you will ever get to those paper-based role-playing experiences of your misspent youth.

Although the graphics aren't the best you'll see on an RPG release, they are 3D, with Bioware opting for a floating camera rather than approach the game style in isometric or 2D format. It isn't as luscious as Dungeon Siege, but still competent, and the gameplay certainly makes up any lack in graphics or sound.


With a promise of over 60-hours in the single player mission, the chance to become a dungeon master in the multiplayer arena with your friends and the option to create or own characters from scratch, Neverwinter Nights offers plenty to the hardened RPG fan, better still, it lives up to what it has been promising for the last five years; A superb game. One million players can't be wrong.