Some RTS games are base-led with you having to control huge armies and negotiate harvesting resources at the same time in order to win the game. Others take the squad based scenario whereby you have a limited number of men to complete the task in hand. Heaven and Hell, offers a third.

Starting with one man, your task throughout the missions is to convert the population of the map into your belief. Once brainwashed they become you army whether it be to build roads or simply create Mana (the harvesting element) There are no bases as such, merely cities in which you are safe in because the inhabitants praise and believe in your divine powers.

To quell any uprising you have the ability to cast rainbows and divine angels, something which the population believes is very holy indeed and failing that you can empower a bunch of heavies to beat up anyone that doesn't agree with you.

The game is spilt into two campaigns good and evil and once completing the good side you get to have fun with being as evil as possible. It would have been nice if the developers had given you this choice from the beginning but then it is obvious which side we would all play first.

Gameplay itself is a strange kettle of fish. The idea of converting characters in the game was successfully done with Black and White, and Heaven and Hell seems to come across as the cheap alternative some three years late to the party. Converting characters, while interesting at first soon becomes slow and tedious and there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how you convert someone. When you do finally turn someone to the good or dark side you've normally had to perform quite a few rainbows and preached for sometime meaning that by the time you go through a couple of levels your ready to bash your head against the wall.

Graphics are of the typical RTS genre and while the animations are cute, they are nothing to write home about while the sound see the whole game narrated by some overseer explaining what is going on.


The idea was there this game never seems to make the mark, initial levels lack action and diversity and players will soon become bored with the repetitiveness. If you are looking for the chance to play God, and lets face it, this is what this game is trying to be about, you're better off picking up Black and White on Ebay for half the price. The graphics are better, the AI more intelligent and overall the game carries far more depth.

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