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(Pocket-lint) - Blitzkrieg is latest game from German publishers CDV, who also brought us Sudden Strike and Cossacks. On the surface this game looks like any other CDV WWII based title. And let's face it, there is plenty of them to chose from. But like EA and the Fifa series, each one seems to grow in depth, playability and character.

The game sees you play Soviet, German or Allied forces across 80 missions based on actual events in WWII. Throughout the campaigns the levels get progressively harder starting with simple tasks of taking a bridge to more lengthy responsibilities like capturing an entire city.

While most will see this as the same old same old from CDV, they have tried hard to evolve the game further. Like previous titles, Blitzkrieg is a non base based game and while this ups the ante, it does make for better, more controlled gameplay. Charge your company into the action and you know that there aren't any more that you can manufacturer. In later missions you are supplied with repair vehicles and medics, but once they've gone, they've gone.

It is however, the little things that this game excels on. There you are battling away, laying siege to a village or town, when you suddenly realise that your artillery has stopped firing. Perhaps the enemy has been defeated, but they are still there firing back. Perhaps the program has crashed? What has actually happened is that your guns have merely run out of ammo, you've failed to keep up your supply lines and have now become very vulnerable to a counter attack. It's things like this that bring that little edge to blitzkrieg.

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Likewise if your troops perform well in a firefight then they are rewarded with enhanced skills making them vital in later missions if you've kept them alive.

Graphics are what we have come to expect from the old school RTS games and whilst this isn't the most graphically beautiful thing you'll find on your PC, it not only means that you can concentrate on the gameplay, but it also means this game is available to everyone rather than a select few with the latest powerhouses.

Of course as you would expect there is a multiplayer option as well as a tutorial for those slightly unsure how everything works.

To recap

Another solid performer from CDV, on the WWII front they’re a strategy contender so take a look

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