Since the X-Box was launched there has always been plenty of debate about its controller. Even some six months after the launch, the controller when through a change. The end result made it smaller not only to fit in with children but a complaining Japanese market.

Logitech’s precision gamepad seems to sit somewhere in the middle, opting for neither a small nor large version - but something that is rather wide. This wideness makes for an uncomfortable grip and means that you have to stretch to reach the top keys. Button layout is the same as the Microsoft Controller small and if you are used to the larger variety then the movement of the black and white keys will be off putting.

Price when reviewed:

Overall this controller doesn’t really match up to Microsoft’s own version - whether it is the large or small controller. It brings nothing new to the table and really only offers you an alternative to using Microsoft’s own branded device. However even though it compared badly to Microsoft’s original, the smaller version is now standard and larger handed recent Xbox buyers may want a range of choices. Under those circumstances it’s worth taking another look.