Elden Ring review: Dark Souls goes open-world to stunning effect

Dark Souls goes open-world, with Game of Thrones' George RR Martin also brough on board to bring a different flavour to this From Software title. (image credit: From Software)
Your spectral steed, Torrent, makes traversing the open-world an absolute joy. There's heaps of dungeons and more to explore. (image credit: From Software)
The map has great amounts of verticality, but everything is reachable, which is where Torrent becomes an essential for navigating. (image credit: From Software)
Like any classic From Software game, it's all about mastering how to battle mini-bosses, which are often extremely tough. (image credit: From Software)
You'll need to grind a little to level up and locate items as needed, but it's all a very fun excuse to explore the world even more. (image credit: From Software)
It may seem impossible, but with Elden Ring, From Software has outdone even itself. It's brought its oeuvre into an open-world setting to stunning effect. (image credit: From Software)