Dying Light 2 Stay Human review: Parkour life

The sequel to Dying Light is bigger and bolder, with more to do, more complex levelling-up potential, and a more blockbuster-like storyline to boot. (image credit: Techland)
The day-to-night cycle is critical for tactics: the undead don't like the light much, so you'll need to plan how to tackle each mission or task. (image credit: Techland)
There's no HDR (high dynamic range) for some reason, but Resolution, Quality & Performance modes permit 4K/30p or 1080p60 with/without ray-tracking on console. (image credit: Techland)
You'll side with the Survivors or Peacekeepers, each giving a unique spin on the branching storyline. (image credit: Techland)
The first-person perspective and parkour mechanics add a unique spin on the idea of an open-world game such as this. It's a lot of fun. (image credit: Techland)
The delayed release was worth it for such a polished game, but the graphics can sometimes look last-gen in places. No surprise given the 7 year production time. (image credit: Techland)
Don't worry, though, Stay Human isn't 'just another' zombie game, it's a clever action-adventure role-playing game set in an open world. Well worth playing! (image credit: Techland)