Gioteck is at E3 2014 in Los Angeles and has shown off a new range of products slated to release this autumn. Pocket-lint was of course on hand to get a first look at an upcoming headset and a gaming chair, which are both attractively priced for budget-conscious gamers, from the gaming accessory manufacturer.

The first product on display at Gioteck's booth is the HC-2 wired stereo headset. It will launch this autumn, possibly in September, for £29.99 ($39.99). The headset is multiformat, meaning it is compatible with new-generation consoles - like the PS4 and Xbox One - as well as mobile devices and computers. The HC-2 comes with a universal plug-and-play cable and separate jack adapters for practically any machine you may own.

Gioteck said the headset's flexible boom mic will ensure high-quality chat during gameplay, while the 40mm speaker drivers promise to deliver excellent depth in sound quality. That means you'll be able to chat with friends and simultaneously hear every crash, shot, and rumble. Other key features include LED illumination along the ear cups, a deep cushioned headband that's adjustable, and a red and black design.

Apart from the HC-2, Gioteck also told us about an upcoming multiformat wireless stereo headset called HC-5. It looks very similar to the HC-2 but doesn't have a cable. It also has red illumination on the ear cups, thought it uniquely sports new-gen RF dongle, a Lithium Polymer battery, and Micro USB cable for battery charging. This headset, which we did not see in person, will launch alongside the HC-2 this autumn for £59.99 ($99.95).

And finally, we also got to look at a multiformat gaming chair called RC-3. It is compatible with new and old-generation consoles as well as mobile device and computers. It features Gioteck's familiar red and black design, built-in speakers, and the ability to be stowed away. The chair is actually foldable and comes with a pocket mesh at the back and side for storage. There's even an LED illumination finish underneath the seat, dual-incline seating positions, and a control panel for speak volume.

The RC-3 will launch this autumn for around £70. No word on pricing for the US yet, but it'll probably be affordable. Gioteck emphasised that it is trying to keep price points low. In fact, we thought both the HC-2 and RC-3 gaming accessories were ideal for young gamers and could imagine a lot of children listing Gioteck's new products on their Christmas lists this year.

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