If you're not excited about the upcoming movie Wreck-it Ralph, then you obviously didn't waste your youth playing video games in arcades, or hunched in front of a CRT TV trying to make a yellow Pac-man eat some pills and annoy some ghosts.

The game, from Disney, offers entertainment and some of the cleverest marketing you can manage. The idea, we assume, is to make people love the games and characters before they go to the cinema to watch the movie. That way, when you watch it, you'll have some empathy for the characters.

Wreck-it Ralph

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£0.62 (Android) £0.69 (iOS)
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At the moment, there are three mini-games, with a fourth promised "soon". These appear in the movie - you can see from the trailer - and give you the opportunity to get playing the fictional, but now made real, games that the film is based around.

In the first game Fix-it Felix must repair the damage done to an apartment building by Ralph who's, erm, wrecking it. This means fixing windows, for which you get 100 points, and progressing through the levels of difficulty. All this, without getting hit by one of the things Ralph keeps throwing.

Graphics here are a perfect tribute to those of early arcade games, and it's a lot of fun to play in this style again, given how modern games look and play. Tiny Tower got in on this style earlier, which takes away some of the retro-excitement, but not much.

It's fun too, and while not super challenging - at least early-on - it's still a lovely game to play: a tribute to Donkey Kong, but a new game in its own right too.

Second up, there's Sweet Climber, a more pretty game that sees you jump up vines, using the branches to boost you further. On the way, you collect sweets to score points and try not to fall to your death. Like all of these games, it's quite hard.

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Then, finally we've got Hero's Duty, the only horizontally played game in the set. Here, you must shoot approaching aliens, using your unlimited ammo and by turning towards them as they try to sneak up on you. It's kind of like Asteroid, but a bit different. The control here is a bit hard, but again, it's a fun game to play, especially as you advance.

The whole lot only costs £0.62, so if you're bored, and want to build up some pre-Wreck-it Ralph excitement, then this is the way to do it. It's not Where's My Perry fun, but it is worth the modest investment!