Are looking for a little "you time"? Do you thirst for some quiet moments on the river bank, sandwiches packed, book in your pocket, the mist in the morning air? Well, this game on today’s App of the Day is a little bit like that fishing trip you need - just without all the smell and maggots.

Fishing Kings Free+

iPad and iPhone

If ever there was an app guaranteed to make you accidentally throw your iPad to its death against a solid concrete wall, Fishing Kings+ is it. Fortunately, that’s really the only bad thing we have to say about what must be the best mobile fishing game out there.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what you’re supposed to do in this title. You catch fish; the bigger the better. The game throws up a bunch of tournaments and challenges based all over the world where you measure your rod up against those of other anglers to find out who’s got the biggest of all. It’s you, of course, but it might take you a bit of practice to prove it.

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Fishing Kings+ takes you to some of the finest fishing spots in Australasia and the Americas - sadly Europe, Africa and Asia don’t appear to exist in the game - including reef fishing in the Bahamas and time up the creek in New Zealand. It’s your job to buy the right tackle to catch each of the species of fish and, with 33 on offer, there’s quite a few to get through.

The gameplay itself is amusing, if a little easy, but there’s enough in this title to keep you entertained all the way through it, including the Hill Billy-style music. Do be warned though, Fishing Kings+ comes with a high plonker factor with you needing to swing your device about as you cast off and attempt to play the fish before knackering it out and finally landing the sucker. Probably not one for the commute to work.

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