Today's App of the Day on Pocket-lint is a superb app for iPad users.

If you want a great game that really shows off what your Apple tablet can do, then look no further. Download this.

The Room


The Room is a puzzle game with occult overtones. It's not particularly scary but the noises, background music and some of the content of the mystery that you uncover certainly make for a great atmosphere.

The premise of the game is that you're in a room. No, sorry, not a room but The Room. In practice, of course, it's actually just a room. What's interesting about it is that there's a massive safe inside and it's your job to unlock it by solving riddles, finding keys and using a spyglass device that allows you to see things to which the naked eye is not privy. Once you get inside, you discover...another safe! Only smaller this time, and so it goes until The Room runs out of puzzles for you.

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The Room might cost you £2.99 but it's wonderfully slick both in looks and usability. We love the way you can pan about The Room and zoom in to get a closer look at objects. It's the kind of experience the iPad was made for. What's more, the level of the puzzles is about right - not too easy and not impossibly hard. Perhaps the only complaint is that there could be a few more levels but we still feel that it's value nonetheless.

Buy it, download it, enjoy it.

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