App of the Day on Pocket-lint today is the perfect cure to those who feel their life is a little bit beyond their control. It’s your chance to make all the decisions and to make a lot of little people very happy indeed.

Dungeon Village

Android & iOS
£2.99 / £2.49
Play / iTunes

There’s something a little odd and a little wonderful all at the same time about Dungeon Village. It’s like being on the wrong end of one of your favourite games. It’s like being the asteroids in Asteroid. It’s like being the ghosts in Pac-Man (or more accurately, the maze). Specifically, in the case of this RPG/god game, your role is to be the destination where heroes come and go on their way to adventure, glory and increasing amounts of XP, and it’s all rather fun.

The presentation of Dungeon Village is all cutsie in Nintendo NES style. It looks like something out of an early Zelda adventure. You start with a patch of grass with a few buildings surrounded by a palisade and, with the guidance of a good deal of on-screen help, it’s your job to grow the town by adding facilities, hosting events and stocking the shops with the kind of things travelling warriors need. At the same time, there’s a very useful and steady flow of monsters and dungeons popping up in the nearby countryside to keep interest high.

The aim of the game is...well, actually, we’re not sure what the aim of the game is. Presumably, it’s to soak up as many of your idle moments as possible. Nonetheless, Dungeon Village is fun. It’s not so terribly involving that you’ll spend your life doing it but its cheery music is always a pleasure to listen to. The structure is familiar and yet there’s enough originality of concept to keep you smiling.

Check out Dungeon Village Lite first and go the whole hog once the adverts start to get on your nerves.

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