It’s not every game that lets you play the bad guy, but that’s what today’s App of the Day on Pocket-lint is all about. But what happens when the bad guy turns out to be the good guy? Does that justify the badness in his past? Does that mean he’ll stay the good guy once the fight is done?

We have no idea, but buy this game. It’s pretty good.

ORC: Vengeance


ORC: Vengeance is not particularly original. It’s a dungeon crawler. You pick up swords, you pick up armour, you smash open barrels to scrape up a pittance towards upgrades which are normally better found than bought anyway and you level and you level and you level. But if that’s your cup of mead - and it’s a lot of people’s cups of mead - then there’s absolutely no reason not to buy this game.

Orc is a kind of third-person RPG that didn’t used to work on mobile devices until the screens got bigger and the chips more powerful, but we’re very pleased to report that this game runs very smoothly indeed.

You play the part of a - yes, you guessed it - an orc. Not just any orc, of course, but a chosen orc; a special orc. As it goes, the game doesn’t lay that stuff too heavily on you to begin with. You’re just an orc, but you happen to be sharing a prison cell, within a castle of the undead, with one of a handful of orc chieftains who were gritty and strong enough to fight back against the evil scourge let in from another dimension through Man and his greedy and arrogant ways. How’s that for some fantasy talk?

With a quick change of armour here and a weapon or two there, you take on the persona of such a chieftain and head off on an adventure to banish the evil back to whence it came.

The gameplay is all touch and swipe based and it works very well. The auto-run feature could be a bit better but it’s just about good enough. Combat is simple, if a bit too easy; there are enough special skills and potions to keep you interested and the odd flash of character humour especially from the shopkeeper.

ORC: Vengeance is cheap at £1.99 given the bang you get for your buck. It’s far less casual than most mobile titles, though we’d really recommend the iPad version to get the most out of it.

If you’re after an RPG to keep you going both on your travels and on your sofa, then it ticks all the boxes right down to the pointless lore tomes which you can choose to read if you must. Now pick up your worn blade and get bashing.

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