If you’re looking for an app to keep you well and truly occupied through a series of short spaces of time, then you’ve come to the right place. You may not have ever been to App of the Day on Pocket-lint before (shame on you) but after this app recommendation, you’ll never miss it again.


iPad and iPhone

As much puzzle game as RPG, 10000000 is probably more suited to iPhone than an iPad because it's so very quick and snackable. Nonetheless, it's a great game however you choose to play it and, frankly, addictive just ain't the word.

You play the role of some 8-bit-looking guy trapped in the ruins of a castle with a dungeon and midi soundtrack for company. In order to escape you need continually to run the gauntlet of monsters and locked doors to plunder the cavern for all it's worth. The more wood, gold and experience you muster; the more you can build, improve your kit and better your skills respectively. Simple.

The gameplay is where it gets both interesting and very, very tricky. We're not going to try to explain it all to you because a) it's complicated, and b) we're not quite sure we get it all ourselves. Fortunately, there's a very decent tutorial level that's well worth running more than once.

Essentially, it's all about time. Any monsters you meet, any chests or doors you need to unlock, all hold you back until you've mastered them. As they do so, they push you further and further towards the edge of the screen until, eventually, you're pushed off and your dungeon run is over. And just how you best each obstacle is by performing a grid puzzle game which actually takes up the bottom four-fifths of the screen. Match three tiles in a row or more to unleash a sword hit, wand wave, key turn etc.

The idea of the whole thing is to perform run after run to level yourself up and score as many points as you can each time. It's super fast, super furious and just a shame you don't get a little longer to dwell upon it. Oh, and the reason it's called 10000000 - because that's the number of points you need to score before you finally escape the castle.

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