Burnout Crash is the latest game from EA, Criterion and the Burnout franchise. It sees you crashing your way to the perfect pile-up on the iPad and the iPhone, but is the app a car wreck? We've been playing to find out.

Burnout Crash

iPad / iPhone

If you've ever played any of the Burnout games, Burnout Crash will make some sense. Its premise is based on the Crash element in the console games, and here it is the main focus. Crash into a car, and then spend the next 90 seconds, or whatever the goal is, trying to continue that crash going to rack up the points.

Each level has three game types; Rush Hour, Pile Up, and Road Block, all with different goals to achieve. Each area also has three difficult levels to it and there are six different locations.

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We would tell you more about the intricacies of the levels, but we are still working them out. You see there's no tutorial in Burnout Crash or any real sense of what is going on. You start the game by crashing into a car, and then spend the next couple of minutes swiping furiously with your finger on the screen hoping you are doing the right thing.

Turns out, even though we don't really know why, we are doing the right thing because, while we confess we don't really know what tactics we are using, they seem to be letting us get stars to open up more levels and more vehicles.

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That of course implies that we are idiots. We do have some idea - like it is good to find the expensive-looking sports cars, or the pizza vans to unlock the pizza wheel of fortune to win extra prizes. Then there is the bit where you have to let the ambulance through, but after that it gets a bit vague and starts to get quite repetitive.

And that's the biggest problem with Burnout Crash - lots happens, it is fun for the first couple of hours, but then if you aren't 11 years old it gets a bit dull as you'll struggle to really grasp what you are doing without the game still letting you progress. Maybe we are just too old to "get it".

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Criterion, if you are reading this, some tutorial pages would be helpful as would a little more structure. A game goal titled "Trigger the second feature" doesn't really help us.

At £2.99 it's a bit rich, however it is published by EA so it is bound to go on sale at some point in the near future, and when it does it will probably be worth a go. Yes it has Origin and Game Center support too. 

For now however it will only really appeal to fans of the Burnout series who can't get enough of the crash sequences.