It’s back to games today on App of the Day, and here is one that you can play on both Android and iPhone. You can certainly play on your mobile phone but, if you happen to own a tablet that works on either OS, then your luck is really in.

Think The Who. Think Tommy. Think Elton John and Tina Turner. Think Brooke Shields and think Tilt. Think Batman, the Simpsons, Indiana Jones, think any big movie you can think of. Think nudging, trapping, enormous multipliers, scores in the tens of millions, ramps, slides, spinners and bumpers because, today, we’re playing pinball.

Pinball Arcade


Pinball Arcade isn’t just a game. It’s a mission. That mission is to recreate exact digital replicas of the greatest pinball machines of all time featuring those made by Bally, Williams, Stern and Gottlieb - who, frankly, we’ve never heard of but are presuming were the big players in the pinball machine-making fraternity of the time - down to the bumper, flipper, sound effect and pixel. Ambitious.

The app, which is free on Android and cheap on iOS, starts you off with three or four of these old school machines to enjoy and gives a brief history and tutorial on each one so that you know not only why each is significant in pinball history but how to play them like a pro.

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The controls are simple enough. Swipe down on the lever to pull it back and release and then it’s a matter of tapping the left or right hand side of the screen to activate the flippers on that particular side. Tapping at the top corners will nudge.

Pinball Arcade is fun, addictive and everything an app should be. Yhe added information, the mission and the tutorials add a depth that make it more than just a casual to throw away after a week or two. Even if you’re no pinball aficionado, it’s something you’ll enjoy.

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