Kind of a Comic Relief for those with an urge to get off their feet and run, jump or throw something, Sport Relief is another arm of the charity that aims to raise gazillions of pounds for incredibly worthwhile charities in Africa and the UK by getting people to raise funds in ways that everybody can enjoy.

And even if you don't have a sporty bone in you, you can still take part in some way; not least, pledge some cash. And in return, here's a completely free app with a stack of info, content and a truly addictive game for free. It should prepare you nicely for March 23-25...

Sport Relief in your Pocket

iPhone / iPod touch / Android (soon)
iTunes / Android Market (soon)

We actually covered the Red Nose Day in your Pocket shortly before the last of the big Comic Relief fundraising events, and this particular sequel is much of the same kind of thing. However, this time, instead of just iOS, and the devices that run it, Sport Relief in your Pocket will shortly be available for Android too.

It's essentially a collection of different clickable arenas, some serious, some not so, that help you delve more into the activities surrounding the March dated event itself. You can see where your nearest Sport Relief-organised The Mile run is happening and be directed to a website to enrol. You can find our more about the causes funds have been invested in previously and related news snippets. You can donate money from the app itself, which charges you via SMS or PayPal. And you can follow what people are saying on Twitter from within the application.

There's also a countdown clock to the start of The Mile and a section called "Inspire Me" which comes up with a random piece of video to watch.

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However, the best part of the app is the included game, Fling a Face. In it, you get to load a catapult with a super round noggin from the world of celebrity. Dermot O'Leary, Vernon Kay, Colin Jackson, Miranda Hart, Gary Lineker and Fearne Cotton are all available to choose from, plus you can upload your own image, which will be mapped on to an in-game sphere.

Then you have to fire the said face into the air, hoping to get as far as you can while collecting stars, avoiding obstacles and using power ups along the way. Each level is set somewhere in the British Isles and you are given a target distance to achieve each time before moving on to the next city, with a further objective.

The stars allow you to buy new power ups and you'll be thoroughly addicted before you know it.

Fling a Face is worth the admission price on its own (free, naturally) and hopefully, like us, you'll feel compelled to donate some cash. Not only will it make you feel better, but you're getting a decent reward for doing so.