There are casual games and there are casual games. Today’s App of the Day is one of the latter, or perhaps the former, depending on how you read that sentence. Essentially, while some of these kinds of downloads are all about swiping you finger so that object A goes into object B, this one is a little better put together, more enjoyable and will having a lasting appeal beyond 24 hours. It’ll also help if you like a spot of golf.

Super Stickman Golf

Android & iOS

Super Stickman Golf is a bit of a giveaway from the name of the game. It’s based on the golf. You get 9 holes per course, there’s no need to switch clubs and you choose the direction and power of the strike with on-screen buttons and that age old system of stopping a swingometer at the right point. There are more courses than we’ve got through so far with bags in each level of difficultly from beginner to expert. They’re very much on the arcade side and each is themed with things like ice, the moon and even a disco level.

It’s Stickman because your little avatar is a stickman and it’s Super because you can get power-ups to help you along the way. You unlock them as you go. The most useful of all has to be the Mulligan which allows you to retake a shot without losing a stroke. The Sticky Ball is also pretty amusing but we’ll leave you to discover the joys of that one on your own.

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There are all the things you’d expect in a game of golf - bunkers, water hazards and that kind of jazz - as well as achievements to unlock, along with more courses too. In all, it’s a good bit of amusement with the 9 hole length making it as snackable a game as these casuals need to be. Download it now. You won’t regret it.