Quite apart from anything else, a decent platformer, like the one featured in our App of the Day, goes a long way in banishing boredom during the cold winter months.

When you start adding an innovative, if characterful, design, multiple methods of level completion as well a nice sound, then you're surely onto a winner.

And that's if you're not a sheep fan; if you do have a soft spot for the friendly-four-legged-fleecy folk, then this is an absolute must. It is...

The Sheeps


The premise of The Sheeps is, indeed, a simple one: you have to get your three friends across the screen from point A to point B in one piece. However, as this is a puzzle game, your route will often be barred by many ingenious obstacles meaning you'll have to resort to the grey matter in order to achieve your goal.

the sheeps

Controls are simple enough with your sheep able to jump and walk around the screen. Controls are added on both sides of the screen enabling a degree of flexibility when moving the three sheeps around.

The sheep in question also have names: Katty, Justine and Samantha. But their names aren't the only thing that differentiate them, oh no; they are also different sizes. This gives them different attributes when it comes to crawling under objects, pushing things out of the way or jumping up over boxes, and as all of the sheep need to reach the end it will mean the three sheep working as a team.

the sheeps

If anyone has played the old PC game Head over Heels, it is similar in the way you have to team up to get past an obstacle - just on a smaller scale, thankfully.

The gameplay is good, and most of the puzzles are well thought out, although at times it feels as if your route to the end needs an element of luck to go with your well thought-out strategy - although this doesn't happen often.

There is a paid-for version available without the ads, although they're pretty unobtrusive. There are also tips to be had with the free version, although strangely require a purchase with the paid-for app. Still, it's entertaining and there's enough here to give your brain a good workout.