Help Santa delivery presents to all the good boys and girls this Christmas with Jet Pack Santa, a game for the iPhone and iPad, designed by Whacked Prattle and the Serious Games Institute. All profits from the game will go to the Prince’s Trust.


This nice little game in aid of the Prince's Trust should help to kill a few minutes during the Christmas break and although perhaps a bit rusty around the edges for the price, it is for a good cause and certainly has a decent amount of entertainment factor - especially for children.

Controls will initially take a little bit of getting used to, but quick taps on the left and right of the screen should see you able to navigate your way between houses in order to deliver presents to the little darlings.

Mince pies refill you jet pack tank and there is a variety of Christmas paraphernalia to collect in order to increase your points, which will help you achieve the all important five-star finish.

Jet Pack Santa

Obstacles come mainly by way of naughty children throwing snowballs - in actual fact they look down-right evil with their menacing stance and nasty red eyes - but in the early levels at least these are easily avoided.

The game has been designed as part of the Prince’s Trust ‘Million Maker Challenge, 2011’ project, an initiative dedicated to raising funds to help young people get back into work in deprived areas across the United Kingdom.

Find them on their Facebook page for the project, and they’re hoping to get over a 1000 fans before the day of launch. You can also follow the group on Twitter.