It has to be said that word games, as a rule, aren't at the top of Pocket-lint's must-download list. Not because we shy away or poo poo the more intellectual pursuits, but because, often, word games don't hold the excitement of a shoot-em-up or graphical interest of some of the more sophisticated puzzlers.

However, our app of the day brings with it some nice touches which set it apart from the usual word puzzler fair and so earns itself a mention on our beloved slot.

Rhymie Stymie


This great word game is based around, as the name might suggest, rhyming. It is very simple in premise but can be devilishly hard in practice and will always keep you coming back for more.

On booting up the app you'll be greeted with a fair few options, but if you want to just dive straight in, you can. Gameplay consists of trying to decipher a blurb to which there is a rhyming counterpart; something like "straighten backbone", after a great deal of thought, will come out as align spine.

Tap this in and you'll be whisked onto the next level. The gameplay doesn't stray too much from this, but it keeps its appeal with some great sounds and some nice visuals. Solve the puzzle quickly enough and you'll get some nice blues harp as your victory music.


There are three levels of difficulty in RhymieStymie and the hard level will certainly test. There are also a fair few in-app levels, all with a different theme, which you can download to add to the few given on the initial free purchase. We found the free content to be reasonably generous and the lack of any obvious adverts was very nice. 

It is, however, the very polished UI and sounds that compliment the great premise of the game which sets this above the competition and as such it's a great game to enjoy with children. This has been clearly thought out; the lack of a timer will make sure there is no pressure to solve the puzzle quickly, but if you, or child, do happen to have a eureka moment you'll be rewarded my a few extra graphics and some different music.

We'd whole heartedly recommend giving this a look.