Ern Rubik will forever be know for the cube based puzzle game that he invented. But Rubik isn't a one trick pony. Oh no - far from it.

Apart from inventing the Rubik's Cube; a puzzle based game that requires moving a series of squares to reach a desired pattern, he also put his name behind the Rubik's Race; a puzzle based game that requires moving a series of squares to reach a desired pattern. Quite different, we're sure you'll agree.

Rubik's Race




All jokes aside, Rubik's Race is just like the Rubik's Cube game that you're more than likely familiar with - albeit on a flat surface where the coloured squares slide into empty spaces in order to complete the objective. A real life example can be bought from for around £15.

But it's the iPhone version that we're interested in here - one that landed in the iTunes App Store last month.

There are three versions of the game. First up is the Arcade mode where you do battle with a series of puzzles collecting bonus items (swap tiles, delete tiles and so on) as you progress. Beware of the pitfalls though - these are your anti-bonus items such as turning off the colour or freezing the tiles. You're battling against the clock as well, so the latter is particularly annoying.

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Time attack is a flat out assault against the clock, and the amount of moves that you make, in a series of 9 tile challenges, and there is also a two player pass and play mode as well, which runs along the same lines.

David Kremer of Rubik’s said: "The concept of Rubik’s Race is beautifully simple and the app works on the same principle, but it means that you can sneak in some practice on your own whenever you like, as well as pitting yourself against friends. With the fun and flexibility of three ways to play and your best scores being posted to the game centre as well as to Facebook, it adds a whole new dimension to the game."

It certainly does, and it's just as infuriating as the real thing. Still, at least the Rubik's Race doesn't leave a massive dent in the wall when we throw our iPhone at it in frustration. It is an expensive trip to the Apple Store getting our phone replaced every-time mind.

Rubik's Race out now - and in the App Store.