There's no doubt that Windows Phone 7 titles, especially games, seem a little on the pricey side compared to their iPhone counterparts, so when you do purchase a game you want to make sure it's for you; this is taken care of, to an extent, with the "try" it feature.

However, if there's one game on the platform that is worth every penny of the £2.29 price tag it's our App of the Day - there's not a lot of depth to it, in fact it's pretty one dimensional in terms of gameplay; it's just bloody good.


Windows Phone 7

Like many games this has been ported in from the iPhone format, which at £1.99 on iOS isn't exactly a snip, and plays every bit as well as the original version.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, you control a pivoting turret which has the ability to fire shells into a rectangular playing area. These explode and produce circles which you then have to destroy with other shells, if you don't destroy them quickly enough you'll end up with a screen full and it'll be game over.

app of the day orbital review wp7  image 1

That description, however, could in fact be misleading as it's not actually the circles that kill you but your own bullets ricocheting around the screen, one stray shell hitting below your defence line (see pic below) and it's game over.

There are three game modes each bringing its own take on the formula: Pure involves the basics and is a low scoring affair, but no less addictive; Gravity involves just that, where the shells swerve in reaction to previously created circles; whilst Supernova is all about creating chain reactions and clocking up multipliers - great fun.

app of the day orbital review wp7  image 2

There's also a local multiplayer option which can be a little twitchy, with just the absence of online action letting it down.

If you want multiplayer you can, however, buddy up with someone in the same room, this in fact works extremely well; the aim of the game in multiplayer is to scupper your opponent's options for firing back, leading to their inevitable demise.

The game is very clean and crisp with an air of Geometry Wars about it, which is no bad thing, and the excellent playability means you'll be coming back time after time.