Out of the many games that hit the App Store, there are many which show huge amounts of originality, highlighting the best that iPhone developers have to offer, involving a great deal of thought and, indeed, time.

Two such examples of this are Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds; both massive sellers in their own right. However, what would happen if you took a little slice of each and merged then into a single game, not to mention the naming reference to Cut the Rope?  Surely you'd have a massive hit on your hands, and a damn fine game to boot?

Maybe or maybe not, but that precise scenario has now happened with the Frankenstein's monster-like birth of...

Cut the Birds

iPad / iPhone / iPod touch

We're going to cut to the chase with Cut the Birds: it's a simple game, it's fun and it's free. The view in which all the action happens is pretty much the same as you get in Fruit Ninja, although to our knowledge you don't get the option of unlocking any special backgrounds.

app of the day cut the birds review iphone  image 1

As you stare out into the wilderness a variety of different feathered creatures emerge out of the horizon aimed directly at your iPhone's screen, hoping to smash their way through.

In order to stop the birds you must move your finger across the screen to create a virtual slash, each one being able to disable one or multiple assailants. As the time goes on, the birds become more numerous.

app of the day cut the birds review iphone  image 2

There are also bombs to reckon with, and these must be avoided at all costs otherwise it's game over. Despite it being basic, and the fact that it's likely you're going to get bored of it pretty quick, it's worth a download.

And if you really want to immerse yourself, you could always pretend you're a lone samurai pig fighting a hopeless battle against the evil bird army - or maybe not...