Turn-based aerial combat games aren't something Pocket-lint is too familiar with, with initial reservations held due to the genre's strengths usually relying on fast-paced action to keep any would-be gamer happy.

However, our App of the Day is a new addition to the excellent, original, Steambirds series where strategic flight combat is essential for survival.

Steambirds: Survival


Even though Steambirds: Survival keeps to the turn-based credentials of the original, there is a distinctly more upbeat feel to this incarnation partly due to the survival element.

This new iteration of the game, from Spry Fox and Halfbrick, has an edge of urgency about it and will take a good deal of playing to master - in our play through the first section, each of the initial three broken up into 8 levels, the going was tough. However it never felt unfair.

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Despite the survival element, it's not just a case of taking on wave after wave of enemy without a focus; you'll have a mission that you'll need to complete and keeps the interest and variety going. As you complete levels you'll earn copper which can go towards recruiting extra aircraft to help in your missions.

There is also a wide range of weapons available and each needs to be used skillfully if you're going to be successful - gas, missiles, bombs and shields can all be used to excellent effect.

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By far our biggest complaint with the game are the adverts; although mercifully they are absent whilst involved in the action, they are plentiful at every stage in-between. And take it from us, the term plastered is no exaggeration as adverts are slapped on top with no regard for the in-game theme.

To get rid of these eyesores, you'll have to splash out £1.99 - this in-game purchase will then unlock all the cities as well.

Still, for a free game it's a cracking title and even if you end up buying your way to ad-free bliss it's still a decent amount of game for your money.