Bank Holidays eh? There's nothing quite like a 3-day weekend.

We wouldn't know though because the Pocket-lint chief overlord doesn't allow us to celebrate them - instead chaining us to our desks, locking all the doors of PL Towers and instructing rabid dogs to guard the fire exits.

But we do skive off a bit, doing less work and playing games on our mobile devices. And the one that we've been playing today is a cracker....

Siege Hero

Free (for a limited time)

Okay, let's get the obvious out of the way first. Siege Hero is a bit of an Angry Birds rip-off. Or it appears to be, at least until you know its back story.

You see, Armor Games, the maker of Siege Hero, has been knocking out games where the idea is to, well, knock over things long before the Rovio gang came to the iOS party - remember Crush the Castle? Probably not, but it was a physics based puzzler along the Angry Birds line that hit the App Store about 6 months before the 'Birds did.

app of the day siege hero review iphone  image 5

So whilst Siege Hero borrows heavily from the most successful mobile game ever, ever, ever - it is only borrowing from a title that borrowed heavily in the first place.

Origins aside, it's addictive as hell - just like those birds. The idea is to knock over structures and kill the bad guys, made up of various historical tribes such as Huns or Vikings. But you don't catapult your birds, sorry weapons, in from the side. No, it's all front ways on and you'll even get a crosshair for precision aiming.

app of the day siege hero review iphone  image 3

There are different weapons (stones, triple stones, bombs and so on) that cause different damage to different materials - and there are also peaceful folk to save along the way for bonus points.

It's not three stars you're after with Siege Hero - but a full golden crown. We'll let you take a guess how you earn it.

Copycatting ignored, or even embraced, Siege Hero is a fantastic little iPhone game that offers a wealth of new challenges for people who've completed "other" titles. There are 150+ castles to take down, split over two ages, and there's hidden extras to uncover through the treasure chests.

And, the big news is that, the game is free for a limited time. So take a look, it might not make you Angry after all...