We'll be honest - driving games on the iPhone or the iPod touch driven by the accelerometer are a pain in the behind. It's too easy to over steer and, more often that not, we switch to the touch based controls - which is also annoying as your thumbs inevitably end up taking up too much screen real-estate.

So that's why we love the strangely named appWheel iPhone Wheel (more wheels than a bus) - a plastic steering wheel that you clip your iDevice into for any game that supports accelerometer steering.

red5 steers in the appwheel iphone wheel we go hands on image 2

It has room and adaptors for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the 4th gen iPod touch, and it really is as straight forward as slotting it in and getting into gear. We've been giving it a bash with Sonic Racing and it's great.

It's a simple ideas, but sometimes the simple ones are the best (that's what our mum used to tell us anyway). For under a tenner, the appWheel is a great little accessory that really does turn iPhone driving games in a completely new direction (pun definitely intended).

Out now, the appWheel iPhone Wheel is available from Red5, priced at £9.95.