Who amongst us doesn't have fond memories of their first foray into the world of BMX. Creating your own ramp with some chums; racing full sprint on whatever bike you could get your hands on; the exhilaration of hitting the ramp and getting airborne.

Admittedly, this was usually followed by a searing pain in your knee/elbow/head (delete as applicable) as your ill-conceived efforts resulted in a catastrophic landing, with parts of both rider and bike pointing in directions they weren't designed to.

Still the fond memories prevail, so what better, and indeed safer, way to go about reliving those moments than Stickman BMX.

Stickman BMX



This sequel to the popular Stickman Skater brings plenty of elements from the original and repackages them with the BMX. Launched in July, the game gets a re-engineered physics engine and just enough of a variety of obstacles and locations to be worth the download.

Controls are simple in the extreme, with two responsive buttons on either side of the screen controlling pedalling and jumping. And it's basically a case of pressing these controls at the right time in order to progress through the levels.

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Graphics are okay, but not fantastic and the soundtrack and SFX can become a little annoying; however the true joy with this game is its old-fashioned take on level design. By this we mean that everything is blissfully predictable. You'll come across the same car moving towards you at precisely the same point and aerial threats will dive at you in a similarly consistent way.

Some may see this a downside, but it's nice to get back to the retro-gaming skill of knowing your level and the dangers therein, and beating it with memory and some impeccable timing.

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Saying this, there are hidden paths and routes that can be discovered and explored - often bearing extra bonuses - and any scores can be posted to Gamecenter leaderboards.

Once completed there's extra in-app content to be had in the form of Race the Ace, which brings another 30 levels, and Skateboard which gives you the option to skate around all the new levels. Please note that the free-version is literally just an extended trial, bringing a few of the levels and in-app content tasters.