Many childhoods were spent constructing elaborate models from classic Airfix sets. We doubt many of our male readers will have ever missed out on putting together a model Spitfire or building a Hurricane. 

Problem is getting older means you can't spend all your time reliving WWII in 1/16 scale. Well, you can but we doubt you would get out much. Thankfully Airfix has come to the rescue with its handy iPhone Dogfight app which sees miniature fighters fly about an indoor 3D environment.

Airfix Dogfight


Once you have Airfix Dogfight app downloaded you are confronted with a choice of different aircraft with which to take flight in. This is then followed by a series of missions that take place across the game's varied indoor environments.
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A personal favourite (as we are a bit boring), are the WWI aircraft, although there is plenty of more modern planes to choose from as well as some special science fiction offerings. The missions themselves involve things like dogfighting, attacking ground targets and generally flying about and avoiding being blown up. Gameplay isn't particularly taxing, nor are graphics pushing the boat out, but it is definitely fun being able to fly about in favourite aircraft from you childhood.
As of now the five mission strong lineup isn't a massive amount to get stuck into, but expect plenty more through updates.
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Controlling the plane is done particularly well, we like the easy to learn hard to master approach of using the accelerometer, although for wimps there are on-screen buttons. Retina display support is also a nice added bonus, especially given that the aircrafts are modelled on classic Airfix kits and rendered pretty nicely in 3D.
We definitely suggest giving Airfix Dogfight a quick download, even if it is just the free version. There isn't a massive selection of aircraft games to go on with the iPhone, except of course the brilliant F-SIM space shuttle app. For the jealous Android owner, expect the Airfix app to arrive before the end of August.