Puzzle games for the iPhone are in plentiful supply, however one recent addition to this rather over-prescribed genre looks to have aced it; bringing together excellent visuals and some great gameplay to boot.

If you're in need of a new challenge, having exhausted or become tired with your current fare, then our App of the Day is definitely worth a look.

Cell Bound



As mentioned Cell Bound is a super-simple game to get into; the task in hand being to match-up the various coloured cells emerging from the wall by rotating the point to which they will attach - this point being in the centre of the screen with the wall surrounding it.

app of the day cell bound review iphone  image 2

On creating a group of five cells of the same colour you'll see them burst, leaving you more space to replace them. You can also chain bursts together which will get you more points. As you progress the cells emerge at an ever increasing rate, and you'll find yourself struggling to rotate the attached cells in time to match them up, fortunately there's various modes along the way which will - for the most part - aid your progress, and if you earn enough points you'll also be granted with an extra power burst thingy which gets rid of all cells currently attached.

app of the day cell bound review iphone  image 3

Game modes include Infinite, which is the main mode of play, along with timer and burst. The only quibble we found was that pausing was sometimes a bit hit and miss, as the game attempted to reposition the moveable control interface rather than pause the action.

In truth it's not very original as this kind of colour matching game has been done plenty of times before, Puzzle Bobble being one of the first, however the graphics, ambiance and playability really stand out here and because of this should build a decent following.