After the rigours of the week, it's always nice to have a bit of lite entertainment for out Friday App of the Day, and this, often, will take the form of one of the many excellent titles available for the "i" that is Phone.

And this particular game brings together many of the attributes that make iPhone games decent; with an effective and simple UI, clean and clear graphics and arcade-based gameplay suited to the platform Spirit should bring some good value gaming for many an iDevice owner.



Although this game has been around a while, we're featuring as it has recently had a revamp to make the most of the iPhone 4's display. Spirit involves you controlling a, erm, spirit within a grid-type arena with the task of expelling a variety of meanies to another dimension.

app of the day spirit review iphone  image 2

There are no guns or shooting in the game, Spirits only defence being the ability to create holes in the fabric of the grid which suck the enemy out of existence. On completion you're transported to another grid where you'll face a new round of baddies - tougher and more numerous than before.

There are three different game modes: Classic, Extreme and Pulse. The first two are pretty self-explanatory, however with Pulse you can't create your own holes; instead you need to various pulse markers floating around the arena which will create them for you. The more enemies downed in a single go, the more multipliers are created, which you can pick up in order to score big.

app of the day spirit review iphone  image 3

The controls are excellent, and initial reservations were put aside as spirit can be controlled from anywhere on the screen, meaning your sausage-like fingers won't get in the way of the action.

The step-up between levels is just about right, and one particular nice touch is the seemingly random element to the levels, the enemies found on each level being different every time you play.

A nice update and if you haven't tried it before, well worth a punt - even at 69p.