Us Pocket-linters are big fans of indie gaming sensation Minecraft, which sees you crafting all sorts of weird and wonderful objects in the hope of mining perfection. 

Trouble is that despite on the face of it seeming incredibly simple, Minecraft actually has immense depth. Crafting can be a difficult process without some sort of guide, the knowledge needed to know how to generate fishing rods from blocks of wood only privy to a select few geeks of the highest order. 

Enter Minecraft Canary, a wholly awesome portable encyclopedia for all things 'craft related. 

Minecraft Canary (Android)

Android Market

The first thing worth mentioning about Minecraft Canary is just how complete its recipe selection is. Going all the way from making things like sticks, to manufacturing piston, it is truly exhaustive. If you are tempted by Minecraft but weary of its complexity then this app is definitely for you. Everything is laid out with the same crafting table as found in the game so you can easily copy the applications method. 

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Also included is a game info section. This is where the application really comes into its own. We dread to think just how bigger fans of Minecraft its developers Ninja Coders are. Things like dungeons, difficulties, day night circles and even the weather all get a page with a virtual mini essay of information. 

There is also a virtual canary included which will keep track of day and night cycles so you don't accidentally step out of your mine into the darkness and find yourself killed by a creeper.

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If you are reading this and haven't given Minecraft a go yet..we urge you to. Be prepared to sacrifice stupid hours of your life to creating wholly useless inventions out of square bricks of mud. 

For those who have already started, this app is invaluable, it provides a commendably complete take on the world of Minecraft. You could try going it alone, but don't expect to figure out how to get to the nether without some serious digging.

Minecraft? Or Terraria?