So you've just bought yourself a BlackBerry Playbook. You've about cracked the whole frames part the OS and how it works, and you've probably discovered that it's quite an amusing tablet to own. Your next move? Apps.

Now, you're a BlackBerry user, so you've probably got communication, social networking and productivity on your mind. Forget it. Forget it all and head straight for this instead.


BlackBerry PlayBook


BB App World

Doom is awesome, and if you need to remind yourself of that, just pick up a PlayBook. Thanks to the fact that first chapter of the original first person shooter, 'Knee Deep in the Dead', is available for free as shareware.

We’re not going to tell you that controlling this 1994 PC keyboard adventure is a cinch on a 2011 tablet. It isn’t. But it works well enough, with a combination of on-screen WADS keys and some touch and swipe controls, for the memories to come flooding back. After an hour, you won’t even realise you’ve been sitting there all that time and every new old weapon you pick up for the pixels of the past is a joy behold and blast some alien scum with. Do watch the tendency to get locked into auto-fire though.

Naturally, your fun will come to an end before 'The Shores of Hell', let alone 'Inferno', so make sure to play the thing on 'Hurt Me Plenty' at least. If you were to young to play Doom first time around, then you’re in for a treat, but the fact that it's been ported straight to a tablet should be a bit of a clue as to the level of graphics to expect. A romp all the same.