You can’t beat a good Japanese game that’s got crazy ideals, the King of all Cosmos, and a random soundtrack to boot, or can you?

For today’s App of the day we've downloaded I love Katamari, the classic game for our Windows Phone 7 smartphone (the HTC Trophy) to see whether its something you should bother with.

I love Katamari



Fire up the Namco Bandi app that’s also available for iOS and you’re instantly treated with a soundtrack that will get you into the mood.

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Aside from checking out the leaderboard stats, seeing your achievements, or looking at records and whether you’ve smashed them, there are four game types in I Love Katamari to keep you entertained; Story mode, Time Attack mode, Exact Size Challenge mode, and Eternal mode.

For those unaware of the I Love Katamari and the concept. It’s simple. You have to push a ball around a room collecting things as you go. The more you run over things the bigger your ball gets and that in turn allows you to collect bigger items. Think a making a snowball but with pencils, sushi, milk bottles, cars, houses and beyond.

Story Mode as you can imagine, sees you getting somewhat involved in a story – although there isn’t really one to be honest – and then following the king of all cosmos and his wants. That means getting certain objects in a level, getting your Katamari to certain size, or some random task.

Doing so gets you to the next level, failing to do so means you've got to start again. Boo.

Time Attack Mode as it sounds, is all about making a katamari as large as possible within set time, while Exact Size Challenge mode is all about rolling up to the exact target size before you move on.

Eternal Mode as the name suggests means it will go on forever.

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The gameplay is simple and easy to understand and uses your phones accelerometer to move your character and the Katamari around. It’s not just about waving your phone though and there are a handful of quick finger tap controls as well; like running.

The graphics are cute, the gameplay fun, and although it’s all incredibly simple, and as we've already said, very Japanese, this should give you plenty of hours of fun next time you need to waste 10 minutes. We certainly have.