If there's one attribute that any game needs in order to keep you coming back for more, it's that it's got to be fun. And this is of particular importance when it comes to iPhone games, as many will be of the "I've got a few minutes to spare" ilk.

Our gaming app for today has fun written all over it, so if you have a spare 59p burning a whole in your wallet then you could do a lot worse than giving this a run out, ladies and gentlemen it's...

iStunt 2 Snowboard (iPhone)


Let's first say that liking snowboarding is in no way a prerequisite for downloading the game, this is just plain fun. In charge of a suitably cool dude on a snowboard, you'll have to navigate your way through a series of increasingly difficult courses unlocking the next as you go.

app of the day istunt 2 snowboard review iphone  image 2

As is the norm things start in a pretty straightforward manner, but certain skills will be necessary to master in order to progress a great deal. These skills include careful use of the accelerometer in order to balance; as well as ducking, jumping and performing board grabs to earn extra points.

Everything looks very pretty, and the nice graphics are accompanied by a relatively inoffensive soundtrack.

app of the day istunt 2 snowboard review iphone  image 3

In terms of gameplay, controls are responsive and there's a nice balance between use of the basic controls and the environment. Speaking of the environments, there's a steady array of different obstacles and challenges which will keep you coming back for another go. These include rails, loops, anti-gravity, circular saws, sudden changes in direction and icicles - best avoided. Failure to navigate will mean you'll become detached from your board, sending the little ragdoll an into a heap on the ice.

We have a few grumbles in that things can seem a tad convoluted at times, with a feeling that you've got through with more luck than judgement, but this doesn't detract from the enjoyment too much.

Miniclip have done a fine job iStunt 2 Snowboard; good value for money and a great little game.