Did the coverage of the Royal Wedding bore you to tears?

Are you fed up of footage of the celebrating crowd, happily waving their Union Jacks and screaming anytime Kate or Wills are shown on the big screens.

Well then, don't just sit there doing nothing - wipe them out with today's App of The Day.....


No, we're not encouraging a massacre here people - we mean virtually of course.

And we're not advocating a Grand Theft Auto style game whereby you can take your own vengeance on the London crowd.

Nope, Royal Wedding Zombie Outbreak isn't a horrific shoot-em up, created to capitalise on William and Kate's special day.

app of the day royal wedding zombie outbreak review flash  image 4

It's simply a Royal Wedding themed version of Class 3's popular playing-God sim, Zombie Outbreak - set in and around The Mall and Buckingham Palace with the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge labelled so you can keep track of them.

For those not familiar with the sim, Zombie Outbreak is a Flash based game whereby you are in control of a Dawn of The Dead style pandemic spreading amongst virtual people, set on top of a real location courtesy of a Google Map.

You set the rate of the infection, the amount of civilians (and who gets armed to defend the others), the number and speed of zombies, the direction of the outbreak and the infection time.

app of the day royal wedding zombie outbreak review flash  image 3

Then it's just a case of sitting back and seeing how long civilisation (including Kate and Wills) survives.

We had a couple of goes and both times Kate proved to be much more resilient than our future King. Perhaps it's all that practice dealing with the Paparazzi.