It's nearing to the of Android Week on Pocket-lint and as the team has forced this particular editor of news to only use an Android handset (in this case, a HTC Desire HD) in preference to an iOS device or two, it seems fitting that we finish with an App of the Day finely hewn from the loins of such an experiment.

It just so happens to be one of the best games for the OS, to boot...

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD


We first encountered Asphalt 6 on an iOS device, namely an iPhone 4, back at Gameloft's UK headquarters a while back, and it blew us away. Now running on an HTC Desire HD, with its vastly bigger screen, it looks even better.

Not only is it a graphical smorgasbord of colours and effects, to our knowledge, it's the fastest driving game on the platform, and a typical play of the game is likely to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

There are 42 different models of cars on offer (many to be unlocked through consistent and impressive gameplay feats), and with 12 tracks, there's certainly no skimping on the variety of action. Plus, the career mode in Asphalt 6 is markedly improved over previous generations of the franchise; a winner will have had to succeed in 55 different races, many of which offering a variation in gameplay types.

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For starters, alongside the normal race modes, there's a Burnout-style Elimination mode, where you have to ram cars off the track, and a mad dash-style mode asks you to collect tokens from the track before your opponents.

Performing well in each race will earn you stars (up to a total of five) and these will subsequently unlock new levels, leagues and better cars. It's much like the XP type of reward system found on many of today's console driving games.

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Controls are simple enough, especially with the massive screen of the Desire HD. The accelerometer comes into use for left and right steering, while the screen can be tapped for either breaking (on the left-hand side) or nitro (on the right). And if you're not one for swinging around your elbows in public, they can be changed for on-screen steering too.

But it all boils down to the speed of gameplay, and that is where Asphalt 6 is elevated to superstar. It zips along so quickly that a race is over in, seemingly, seconds. This is definitely a game for more experienced gaming petrol heads.

Therefore, for £3, it's a must have purchase for an Android device-packing owner. And that's even without checking out the multiplayer mode (for that, we'd have to have friends).