Behold a tale of woe and mystery: Pocket-lint once drank so much Lucozade that it made us sneeze orange gloopy snot out of our right nostrils, which then congealed into one giant tangerine mass. We should've known then that this was not normal, but it had been a long day, and we were still dizzy on a glucose rush, so went straight home.

Imagine our surprise, therefore, when we switched on the TV and found that our combined carrot-coloured phlegm had gained both sentience and an insatiable appetite for mobile devices, devouring cell phones wherever it could find them.

It took the army (Salvation, but still, technically, a force to be reckoned with) a good 30 minutes to destroy the titian mucus monster with Nerf guns full of Lemsip-soaked Kleenex tissues. But we've always been cautious that a tiny residue remained. And, to be honest, find the choosing of the "Orange" name for the major network provider to be both suspicious and highly insensitive...


iPhone / iPod touch

Platform games can be hit or miss on mobile devices, often requiring pixel perfect leaps over death-dealing chasms, and therefore not ideal for a 3 to 4-inch screen. However, Sticky is perfectly created to suit a smaller display size, and has simple yet highly effective touchscreen controls, to boot.

Instead of giving you control over the titular character, your digits can manipulate the environment instead, asking you to pull and release the orange jelly-like platforms in order to fling Sticky through the air. And as there are sections of gloopy material in all directions, he can grab onto them whether they be on the ceiling, walls or under foot (actually, he doesn't have any feet, but you know what we mean).

app of the day sticky iphone ipod touch  image 11

Of course, there's a point to all of these globule throwing shenanigans; an accident in the labs where Sticky was conceived has suffered a heinous accident, creating both a nemesis out of one of the assistants and oily black blobs that will destroy the world. Thankfully though, Sticky can bounce on their bonces, in order to nullify them. Cue many levels of frantic action, and the search for multiple combos as you try to take out rows of bad blots at the same time.

app of the day sticky iphone ipod touch  image 19

Power ups are scattered around the game, along with a variety of differently shaped levels, some with more obstacles than others. And rewards are given out in the form of silver, bronze or gold stars (a bit like the stars in Angry Birds) - they help incite replay.

The best thing about Sticky, apart from its cute and colourful graphics (obviously tinged with a copperesque hue), is the simplicity. It's cunningly easy to pick up and play, and yet fascinatingly difficult in the strive for perfection.

You can't say fairer than that for 59p.