Valentine's Day is less than a week away, so be prepared for an assault of the colour pink and teddies with hearts on their stomachs sporting pithy comments such as "I wuv snoogems", or some other soppy nonsense. And then, on the day itself, further despair arrives as expected cards or advances from partners, prospective or otherwise, do not.

But that's not to say that Pocket-lint is a miserable old, unlovable stick-in-the-mud. Far from it. If we didn't have Valentine's Day, we wouldn't have Rovio's obilgatory special event update to Angry Birds Seasons.

Now, we mustn't forget Mrs Pocket-lint's Valentine's present. Petrol stations carry a splendid selection of chocolate treats these days...

Angry Birds Seasons (Hogs and Kisses)

iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android
free (as an update to Angry Birds Seasons or on Android), 59p iPhone/iPod touch, £1.19 iPad
iTunes (iPad), iTunes (iPhone/iPod touch), Android Marketplace

Remarkably, Pocket-lint has never featured any of the Angry Birds games as an App of the Day before; plenty of cakes, toys and leaked rumours, but not the apps themselves. We did feature Angry Birds Seasons as part of our Christmas App-vent Calendar, to coincide with the holidays update, but not as an AOTD.

So let's put that right. Certainly, this is the best excuse to do so, as Seasons has now had a further update to include Rovio's homage to Valentine's Day. And it's very pink.

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It's also free to those who have already downloaded Angry Birds Seasons for their iOS or Android devices before, at either Halloween or Christmas time last year. Indeed, Android mobile owners get it free regardless (with advertising support), but it's only 59p on iPhone/iPod touch and £1.19 on iPad, so it won't break the bank.

And for your money, you do get the previous "Seasons" packs, plus an all-new 18 levels. The first 15 are ready and willing for some immediate action (fnar), but the last three require you to Like Angry Birds on Facebook before they unlock. It's a small price to pay, though, and to sweeten the deal, Rovio also offers free FB virtual Valentine's Cards to send loved ones, aaaah!

Other than that, it's, well, Angry Birds. Fling birds at pigs and destroy them. End of.

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The main difference for the 18 new challenges is that everything's a bit more cuddly, with some pigs flying about as cherubs, Cupid-style. And heart-shaped presents explode into a myriad of love hearts. There's your theme right there.

Oh, and there's a newly hidden Golden Egg to collect.

Thankfully though, even though there are less levels than on other updates to the franchise, these are somehow more difficult, and even Pocket-lint's seasoned Angry Birds expert (geddit?) couldn't finish it in one sitting. And three stars on each level could take even longer.

It's all excellent (eggs-cellent?) stuff though, and a further reminder why the Angry Birds series has taken the casual gaming genre by storm.

What next, we wonder? What's the betting on pigs in bunny ears and chocolate eggs?

What other events would you like to see in Angry Birds Seasons? Let us know in the comments below...

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