"There's no such thing as a free-lunch," Pocket-lint's old nan used to say. But we never heard her saying that there wasn't such a thing as a free Android game.

That's probably because she died when she was 92, after being born in 1909 - so she may not have foreseen the boom in popularity for a Google powered mobile OS that didn't even exist when she did.

But that's by-the-by; she was probably right about the lunch, and we think she was right to keep schtum with regards to freebie Android titles as well, whatever her reasons may have been.

After all, there are free Android games out there. Why, here's one of them right now......

Townsmen 6




Townsmen 6 isn't a new title. Heck, it's not even new on mobile platforms. But it is new on Android and it's also free after being picked up by GetJar.

The game is available following a deal between the independent app store and German mobile games publisher HandyGames.

Townsmen 6 was awarded the "Best Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year" award by Pocketgamer magazine at GDC and if you check its reviews on other platforms you'll find that it consistently scores highly.

"Townsmen 6 is the highest quality for an international audience and offers unlimited entertainment for all fans so it made perfect sense to bring our game to Android as consumers take to the Android platform in droves," said Markus Kassulke, CEO of HandyGames.

“We decided to launch our games on GetJar because of their proven ability to market apps and games to consumers around the world and their willingness to work closely with us to build awareness of our app.”

If you're not familiar with Townsmen 6, allow us to fill you in....

app of the day townsmen 6 review android  image 4

The game is set in the time of the French Revolution and it's up to you to mobilise the population and march upon Paris to over-throw the king. It's sort of Sim City, but in 18th century rural France.

You begin each mission by locating your Guild Hall, which is your HQ. In order to expand you need to command your subjects, after you've built them somewhere to live first. You'll also need to keep them full-up by making sure they are fed. This mean you'll need to build farms, fishing huts, bakeries and the like - after constructing the quarries to get the stone to build first, of course.

app of the day townsmen 6 review android  image 5

You then prepare your population by training soldiers to fight the royal armies and defend your villages (which look great on the bigger screen of the Galaxy Tab).

It's all good fun, and it's kept free by the adverts along the bottom, which you don't really notice at all when you're playing.

app of the day townsmen 6 review android  image 3

Grab it from GetJar now.