Ahhh, Angry Birds. It might have been crowned by Apple as the most downloaded app of all time on the iPhone, but it’s currently not the most popular app in the games chart on iTunes.

Nope, that current claim goes to Bubble Ball, a free app created by a 14-year-old with the help of his mum. No, really.

Is it any good? We’ve been playing to find out.

Bubble Ball

iOS 4.1 or later

Fire up the app and you can tell that it’s pretty basic stuff, certainly in terms of graphics anyway.

app of the day bubble ball review iphone  image 2

However, what Bubble Ball has got going for it is the game play. And while there's currently only 21 levels, it's highly addictive.

The aim of the game is to get a ball from one side of the screen to the chequered flag. Sounds easy, but with gaps and gravity in your way, maybe not so simple after all.

To help, you get a series of wooden planks and, later, other elements - such as a speed-up icon or change gravity button, and metal blocks that will lead you to success if you create the right course for your ball.

The first few levels are fairly simple before the heat starts to get turned up, and you’ll soon find yourself wasting an entire ride home trying to fathom where to put that bit of wood to bridge that annoying gap.

What we love, however, is that first and foremost this game embraces gameplay over graphics. For some, it will look and come across as childish (it was created by a child, after all), but ultimately, it shows that the world of apps is open to everyone, whether they play them or create them.

It’s free and waiting for you to have a play.