Everyone enjoys a little taster, whether it's at your local delicatessen in order to try a couple of choice cheeses; at the cinema, viewing the trailers for upcoming films or trying out the latest console title at your local games retailer.

Our app-vent calendar carries on this theme by bringing you a taster of a cracking iPhone puzzler; warning, this may well get you hooked on the full-fat version.

Fuzzle Christmas

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

High on the Christmas puzzle action, Fuzzle brings a lovely balance between complexity and simplicity as despite its straightforward rules there lies beneath plenty to challenge even the most committed.

Move the balls around the board to create lines of five balls of the same colour, thus removing the balls; after every other move you make, more balls are added, with the goal being to keep the board from filling up as long as possible.

app vent day 22 fuzzle christmas image 3

Everything still looks very nice, just with a Christmas theme laid over the top. And with six difficulty levels and multiple game modes this should keep you busy until the news year.

We definitely recommend giving this free version a go; you'll be limited to 150 points and will have to play on the easy difficulty level, but no doubt you'll become horribly addicted and end up forking out the 59p for the complete game (when tested we were granted an extra 50 points for getting to the points limit super-quickly - we'll let you decide whether it was our genius or their generosity).