Look, we're well aware that trying to fill 25 days worth of App of The Day with Christmas themed apps was always going to result in a few, well, cr-apps possibly making it in.

But there has been a few big titles along the way as well, and no more so than today's effort which comes via mobile gaming giant Chillingo and is a title that you're probably well aware of.

Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift

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Christmas is a time of giving, and that is exactly what Chillingo has done with its massively popular game Cut The Rope, which was this week named in the iTunes Rewind chart as one of the top 10 paid apps of 2010.

So as a thank-you to everyone who paid their 59p for the original, the publisher has released a free Christmas themed-version of the game entitled Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift.

The app stays faithful to the winning formula of the original, with 25 new levels to complete and extra achievements to unlock.

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But you'll notice some subtle differences, such as the jingly soundtrack and the tinsel covered graphics. Even Om Nom gets into the festive spirit - occasionally pulling some reindeer antlers out and wearing them whilst he waits to be fed.

There's also a new mechanic on board as well, where you have to guide the candy into a Christmas stocking, which also acts as a teleportation device to another stocking. But it's not as simple as it sounds - you need to judge the speed that the candy falls into the stocking in order to get the correct velocity when it comes out at the other end.

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Apart from the Yuletide graphics and stockings, you won't find anything too far stretched from the original. But for the pricey sum of nothing, it's definitely worth downloading.