App of the day is on a mini hiatus while the holiday season is upon us, and instead it's been replaced by Pocket-lint's own version of an advent calendar; the app-vent calendar. Each day we'll bring you a Christmassy-themed application for phone, tablet, computer or TV.

"But isn't that just like App of the day?" you might cry and "no" we'd reply. It's Christmassy. There's a big different.

So what tantalising present do we have for you behind door number two...

Angry Birds Seasons

iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android
free (if updating Angry Birds Halloween or Android), 59p iPhone/iPod touch, £1.19 iPad
iTunes (iPad), iTunes (iPhone/iPod touch), Android Marketplace

This is possibly the most eagerly anticipated application in the history of smartphones. Every day there was one rumour or another that a Christmas edition of Angry Birds was on the horizon, but little did we expect it to come like this.

For starters, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Seasons HD (the iPad version) are merely updates for the previously released (on Apple devices, at least) Angry Birds Halloween and HD apps. A quick download turns the Trick and Treat theme into just one of the modes within the new version. So, if you already own the aforementioned edition(s) you get this new update completely free of charge.

app vent calendar day 2 angry birds seasons ipad iphone ipod touch android  image 10

It's also free to download on Android, although that comes with in-app advertising, and will soon command a fee to switch it off.

However, if you don't already own Halloween in any of its guises, you can purchase the new Seasons versions for 59p and £1.19 for iPhone and iPad respectively. You'll definitely want to.

The menu system has now, essentially, become a portal to the new level packs, and Angry Birds shop, where you can order the plush toys or the game that started the whole franchise. Plus, if you have a Game Center account, this now links in automatically.

There is the entire Halloween set of levels to play immediately (for those that haven't already), although the Christmas version isn't quite as straight forward.

app vent calendar day 2 angry birds seasons ipad iphone ipod touch android  image 12

Like with this section of Pocket-lint, the levels are presented as an advent calendar, with each becoming accessible as the days count down to Christmas. That means there's 25 in total, but only two are accessible today (for the first two days of December). A handy clock tells you when the next will appear, but you could always work that out yourself.

The levels themselves, from the first two we've seen, offer the same kind of Angry Birds goodness that we already know and love, except snow-covered (like the UK at present) and with bonus wrapped parcels to explode for extra points. Oh, and a special Golden Egg to find.

That's it, but that's all we need.

app vent calendar day 2 angry birds seasons ipad iphone ipod touch android  image 13

At first, we must admit that we were slightly disappointed with having to wait 24 hours for each level to unlock, but at least it's all keeping within the spirit of the season. And it's better than a dodgy calendar with a curdled chocolate-style candy lurking behind each door.

Very rewarding.

Are you a big Angry Birds fan? Have you got any of the plush toys yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...