Tron is back in the cinemas on 17 December and that means you’re likely to be getting all gushy over the classic 1982 version of the film. And, if you’re really into your arcade gaming, Tron the video game.

No, we aren’t talking about the latest release from Disney for the Xbox 360 or PS3, but the original coin-operated arcade machine. The one that’s featured in the new film.

We tracked down one of the machines in none other than Flynn’s arcade on the South Bank in London.


The bad news, though, is that the pop-up installation was put on by HP to promote its new ePrint printer range in connection with the movie, and is shutting down very shortly. We also aren't sure where the arcade, that has been available for the public to play within, will turn up next.

The good news, however, is that we were able to grab a bevy of shots to share so you can at least relive the nostalgia through us.

Mega Tron (wrong franchise we know) fans will remember that there were actually two physical versions of the arcade machine - one with the light cycles, the other with the light discs.

We played the light discs version, which sees you playing as Kevin Flynn while he's forced to compete against Crom. You’ve got to dodge the discs, while taking out your opponent.


One controller is a spinning dial (very much like on a home cinema amp) while the other is a joystick.

Move the dial to pinpoint where you want to throw the disc, while moving the joystick to move Flynn. The better you do, the more opponents you’ll have to face and the more platforms you have to negotiate.

There are no saves, although you do get 5 lives to keep you going.

A total throw back to an age long forgotten, the game may not graphically be a touch on any of today’s modern game launches, but still has plenty going for it when it comes to gameplay.


It’s simple, but strangely addictive as you manage the spinning dial and the joystick to avoid the light discs heading your way.

Certainly, If you can find the arcade it’s well worth putting some money into a Discs of Tron machine. Now, where's our fluorescent leg warmers?