Come 25 November 2010, all cricket fans' eyes will be on Brisbane for the first test match in the Ashes series. The sound of leather upon willow, will echo through the city as England look to retain what is rightfully theirs.

And so, it is down to Pocket-lint to provide an app, which although won't be to everyone's taste and most definitely needs to be used responsibly, may for some enhance the Ashes experience.

So with out further ado - other than to provide links to Wikipedia for our US readers, here's one explaining cricket and one about The Ashes - read on for our featured app which is...

Roulette Cricket HD

iTunes/Android Market

If you like betting on stuff, in this case cricket, and specifically when the next boundary is going to be hit, then this is the app for you. Aimed to be used whilst watching the game on your TV (and using Roulette Cricket as your second screen), or if you're lucky enough watching live at the ground, the app enables you to place bets on when the next 4 or 6 will be scored, and that's about it.

Well, not entirely. In actual fact the app also allows for ball by ball coverage updates and also features full score card stats.

However, it's not just the Ashes which the app covers, as it brings in all the games being played around the world including test matches, ODI's and Twenty20. Best of all, however, is that you don't have to lay down any hard cash if you don't want to, as there is a neat "play for fun" option as well.

Everything runs pretty well, and it's all very straightforward to get to grips with.

And there's some more news regarding the Android version of this app, as it is now available on the Vodafone Shop - meaning the game can be played across all Android-powered handsets on the network, adding another platform that already includes the iPhone and online.