Ever since the days of TANX on the Amiga, we Pocket-linters have longed for another title to come along which could help us re-live those days of taking turns to blast away at one another within various mountainous terrains.

And although this title has been around for a little while now, due to a recent update we thought it worthy of a mention.

Pocket Tanks

iPhone, iPod

Needless to say the premise of this game is very simple, and it won't take you long at all to get you teeth into it. However, those of you who are old Amiga TANX experts will clearly have an advantage - initially.

app of the day pocket tanks iphone  image 2

Two tanks are separated by a variety of terrain, on the whole mountainous, and it's your job to do your best to destroy the other using the various weapons at your disposal. These weapons are varied and have pleasingly different results on impact - think Worms.

Although graphics aren't brilliant, the gameplay and user interface are excellent - all very smooth and fast.

The updates bring a few nice touches for those with newer iDevices as iOS 4 support for fast app switching and high-res icons are included, but one of the best additions is for everyone. This is the ability to get rid of the rather dull sound track and replace it with tunes from your iPod, which livens proceedings up considerably.

Game modes are okay, with one and two player modes though Wi-Fi/Bluetooth functionality would be a welcome addition. There's also a Deluxe version for those who are serious, which brings with it a whole host of new weaponry (although the free version has 35) this will set you back £2.99.