Christmas is rather a mixed bag. There are all sorts of messages, godly and otherwise, extolling the virtues of self-sacrifice, love and friendship with a good drop of milk-of-human-kindness thrown in. However, at the same time this does not always translate to reality, with commercialism rife and pressure to spend large sums of money in a bid to make those closest to you happy, often resulting in unhappiness and stress.

Far better to spend your money on large quantities of cheap booze, thereby rendering all family and friends in a state where they either don't care that you haven't got them a pressie, or won't remember - you can then spend the rest on the worthy Oxfam Unwrapped cause, in connection with our App of the Day.

Goat Invaders

PC, Mac

To experience the full gaming delights of Goat Invaders you'll have to either have a Facebook account or know someone who is willing to let you use there's. It's a straightforward-enough affair, with you taking control of the Oxfam mascot, Archie, in a bid to burst open presents falling from the sky.

As you progress various and rack up a high score, the Oxfam Unwrapped gifts on sale this Christmas will be revealed - so you can go and make a purchase at the Oxfam Unwrapped online shop. There’s a competitive leader board, and prizes on offer for the monthly winners.

There's the ability to challenge friends, and post and view highscores.

If we're honest the game is pretty basic, but is goat-related so will no doubt appeal to some. Once you're done with the Goat Invaders game, the Oxfam Unwrapped shopping site offers a tailored approach to gift buying with drop-down options which might help to pick out gifts that your chosen giftee will approve of.

When you purchase your gift, the recipient will receive a card with a description of the gift, and there's even an option to add some fair trade chocs in with the card.