Yes, we hear you cry: "What are you doing posting an App of the day on zombies when Halloween has been and gone". And we shall answer you dear reader. When a game as good as Zombie Highway is doind the rounds we want to tell you about it, and anyway everyday is a good day for shooting those pesky zombies.

Zombie Highway


Developed by Renderpaz, the game consists of driving down said zombie highway whilst dodging, and using, various upturned cars and lorries to knock zombies (who leap from the side of the road) off you car.

app of the day zombie highway iphone  image 2

Fortunately, there are a decent array of weapons as well, so you can mete out justice the good 'ol fashioned way - with a shotgun.

There are three levels - Clasic, No Weapons and Hard - to keep you busy and a good variety of zombies on offer with varying degrees of toughness. Get as far down the highway as possible to earn weapons and be awarded with either the gold, silver or bronze award.

app of the day zombie highway iphone  image 3

Needless to say it's a great game - otherwise it wouldn't be on App of the Day now would it - and there's been some nice thought into the gameplay as shooting/ramming-zombie-into-abandoned-car timing is crucial in the later Hardcore level.